Learn Arabic

There are many who want to learn Arabic but don’t get proper guidance and resource to do so. They search for teachers and guides who can guide them learn this beautiful language of the Qur’an, but still don’t find any. Some of our Brothers and Sisters who are currently enrolled in as students at Islamic Online University (IOU) and doing their Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies there, will Insha’allah be taking up this task of teaching and sharing what they learn about Arabic Grammar from the very basics to others.

How this course will work:

► We will post weekly notes/articles in this forum as well as in pdf form and interested members will have to go through it.
► The notes will be self explanatory as we have tried to clarify every point in it.
► It will be on a weekly basis insha’allah, every week new notes will be posted and titled Lesson 1 , Lesson 2 and so on insha’allah.
► Within a week people will have to complete one lesson and ask questions and clarify their doubts on that lesson.
► All those who are willing to take up this course are hereby requested to keep in touch with the forums by registering here : http://islamictreasure.com/forums/index.php?board=8.0
► All questions pertaining to the particular lesson should be asked in the Topic of that Lesson or you can send your queries to contact@islamictreasure.com or query@systemoflife.com
► Once the people have completed lesson 1, at the end of the week, 4-5 questions will be given to test whether they have grasped the lesson or not insha’allah. The answers to which should be e-mailed to us.

Note: After you register for the forums and after logging in visit this link http://islamictreasure.com/forums/index.php?board=8.0 and click on the “NOTIFY” button on the top right corner above the topics, in order to be informed automatically when new lessons on Arabic are posted insha’allah.

This will result in a better learning process insha’allah.

The sample Lesson can be viewed in from here: http://www.islamictreasure.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/Lesson-1.pdf

We have taken a step forward in propagating knowledge, Come and take a step forward in Learning it.

Also, spread this NEWS insha’allah so that more and more of the Muslim Ummah benefits.

May Allah(swt) guide all of us and help us in learning this beautiful language which will inshallah enable us to understand Quran in its original language. Aameen.


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