Islamic SMS

Below we present to you a list of some wise sayings and general rules, taken from the Qur’aan, Sunnah and words of our scholars and salafs from amongst the Ahlus Sunnaah wal-Jama’aah.

The messages are upto 140 characters long and can easily be sent as single SMS from any standard mobile device or online messaging services.

Note the following shortcodes used: (Q) – Qur’an, (B) – Bukhari (English version), (s/saw/saws) – sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam, (p/pbuh) – peace be upon him, (r.a.) – RadhiAllaahu ‘anhu (for male) / RadhiAllaahu ‘anha (for female)

May Allaah reward those who take out time to send these brief Islamic reminders as sms/messages to their friends and acquaintances to advice and correct them.

Acquaint yourselves with Allaah during prosperity, and He shall acquaint Himself with you during [periods] of difficulty.
>>Ahmad #2666
Prophet(sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam) said:
Two people who revile one another are both devilish, abusers and liars
>>Targhib Tarhib #4207
Hypocrisy grows on neglecting the obligatory deeds & perpetrating the unlawful & forbidden
>>Wujub asSalah Ma’al-jama’ah fil Masjid p.26
Three things destroy Islam:
– straying of a scholar
– hypocrite’s debating with the Qur’an
– and the misleading imams
>>ad-Darami # 647
Prophet(p) said:
He who is not faithful to his trust, has no faith & he who is not true to his promise,has no religion
>>Ahmad 3/154 #11935
Prophet(sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam) said:
“He who deceives does not belong to us.”
>>Abu Dawud #3452
This includes all forms of deceiving
“Innamal a’amalu bin niyyah”
“The reward of deeds depends upon the intentions”
[Sahih Bukhari vol 1:Ch 1:Hadith 1]
Do as many deeds as u r capable of doing,4 Allah wl not bcome weary of givng u reward,but u wud b tired of doing gud deeds
[Muslim 6:2582]
Adultery(Zina) of:
-eyes is 2 look at Haraam things
-hand is the lustful embrace
-ears is listening to lustful song/talk
>>Muslim 33:6422
If any1 travels on a road in search of knowledge, Allah wl cause him to travel on 1 of the roads of Paradise.
>>Dawud 25:3634
“Al-kibru bataru al-haqqa wa ghamtu an-naas”
“(Kibr)Arrogance is refusing the truth and degrading people”
>>Sahih Muslim 1:165
Allah is pleasd wth His servant whn he says:
“Forgive me my sins”
That servant knows that No one forgivs sins except Allah.
>>Dawud 14:2596
Ibn Qayyim (rahimullah):
“All hard work is easy for those who believe in Allah, when they know that Allah hears them”
>>al-Fawaa’id, p.119
Nabi(s) heard sum 1 praising a man excessively.
He(s) told him,”You hv ruined/cut d man’s back by praising him so much”
>>Bukhari 3:48:831
Whn u see a person seekng somthng earnestly,assist him 2 get his need & nevr ask 4 a reward excpt from Allah
>>Ash-Shifa’ 1/126
You(Muhammad [s]) r on an exaltd standard of charactr.
>>Quran 68:4
“Charactr of Muhammad(s) was the Quran”
>>Muslim 4:1623
Muhammad(s) said that we shud not take the Sunnah lightly & stick only to the Qur’an.
>>Dawud 40:4588
Propht(s) came wth both Quran+Sunnah
“A believer (al-mu’min) is not a defamer nor a curser nor coarse nor obscene.”
[Adab Al-Mufrad,312]
Muhammad (sallallaahu ‘alayhi wasallam) said:
“Let your tongue always be moist with the remembrance of Allaah.”
>>Sahih at-Tirmidhi 3/139
He who is askd somethng he knows & he conceals it,wl hv a bridle of FIRE put on him on the Day of Resurrection
>>Dawud 25:3650
Be on your guard against committing oppression(Zulm), for oppression is a darkness on the Day of Resurrection
>>Muslim 32:6248
Muhammad(s) used 2 make du’a:
“O Allah,I beg of u the right guidance,safeguard against evils,chastity & freedom from want”
>>Muslim 35:6566
Allah says:
Let not ur hand be tied (like a miser) to ur neck, nor stretch it forth to its utmost reach (like a spendthrift)
>>Qur’an 17:29
A man askd Nabi(s):Shall I participate in Jihad?
Nabi(s): R ur parents living?
Nabi(s):Do Jihad for their benefit.
>>Bukhari 8:73:3
Whoevr Allah wants to guide He opens his heart 2 Islam & whoevr He wants 2 misguide He makes his heart closed & constricted.
>>Qur’an 6:125
Closer & closr hs come to mankind their day of accounts, while they r turning away heedlessly.
>>Qur’an 21:1
They r far astray,who prefer life of this world instead of Aakhirat & hinder men from Allah’s path,wanting to make it crooked
>>Qur’an 14:3
Nabi(S) usd 2 do du’a:
I seek refuge in u, O Allah,
from knowledge that doesnt benefit
from a Heart which doesnt fear u.
>>Muslim 35:6568
Muhammad(s) said:
“Whoevr prays the 2 cool prayers (‘Asr & Fajr) wl go to Paradise (Jannat)”
>>Bukhari 1:10:548
O Prophet (Muhammad SAW)! Allah is Sufficient for u & for the believers who follow you.
>>Qur’an 8:64
True believrs ask only Allah 4 help !
Not equal r those believrs who sit at home & those who strive hard & fight in the Cause of Allah, except those who r disabled
>>Quran 4:95
Prophet(s) forbade:
-profession of tattooing
-gettng tattooed
-receivng/givng Riba (interest)
& cursed d picture-makers
>>Bukhari 3:34:299
“Verily, for every Ummah there is a trial (fitnah), & the trial for my Ummah is WEALTH.”
>>Tirmidhi 2/49
>>Sahih al-Jami’ 2148
“And whatever of misfortune/disaster befalls you, it is because of what your hands have earned. And He (Allah) pardons much.”
>>Quran 42:30
The Hour (Resurrection) wud not come as long as Allah is supplicated in the world
(i.e as long as people make du’a to Allah)
>>Muslim 1:273
Abu’l-Darda’ (radhiallahuanhu) said,
“If U Adorn Ur Mosques & Decorate Ur Mushafs (Quranic pages/Quran), U are doomed”
>>Sahih Al-Jaami 585
Allah proclaimed:
If u r Grateful, I wl surely give u more favours;
but if u show ingratitude,My Punishment is indeed severe.
>>Quran 14:7
Between a man & shirk & kufr(disbelief) is his giving up/neglecting prayer.
>>Muslim 1:146
Whoevr Leaves 3 Friday Prayr continuosly out of Laziness,Allah wl put a seal on his heart
>>Dawud 3:1047
People must Stop Neglecting Friday Prayer or Allah wl Seal their hearts & then they wil be among the negligent
>>Muslim 4:1882
A strong believr is better & is more lovable to Allah than a weak believr
>>Muslim 33:6441
A man askd:
What if a man likes his clothes & his shoes to look gud?
Prophet(s) replied:
‘Allah is Beautiful & loves beauty’
>>Muslim 1:164
Q: Shud one smoke with the Right or Left hand?
Sheikh al-Albaani replied: With none of them!
>>Silsila al-Huda wan Noor 341
Nevr think dat Allah is unaware of what the wrongdoers do. He only delays their punshmnt 4 a Day whn eyes wl stare in horror.
>>Quran 14:42
Believrs r those who,whn Allah is mentiond,feel a fear in their heart & whn His verses(Quran) r recitd,it increases their faith
-Qur’an 8:2
Nothing but supplication(Du’a) averts/turns away the decree/destiny, and nothing but righteousness increases the life-span.
>>Tirmidhi 2139
Be not like those who forgot Allah & He(Allah) caused thm to forget their ownselvs.
Those r the Fasiqun(disobedient to Allah)
>>Quran 59:19
When someone asks Allah 3 times to let him into the Jannah,
the Jannah says: ‘O Allah, let him into his Jannah?’
>>Saheeh al-Jaami no. 6275
When someone asks Allah 3 times to shelter him from the Fire,
the Fire says: ‘O Allaah, protect him from the Fire’
>>Saheeh al-Jaami 6275
A person is upon the way of his friend. So, let one of you look to whom he keeps as a friend.
>>Sahih al-Jami’ 3545
Richness does not lie in the abundance of worldly goods but richness is the richness of the soul (heart,self)
>>Muslim 5:2287
Whn worshippr stands 2 pray,all his sins r put on his head&shouldrs & whnevr he does ruku or sujud,his sin fall off him
-Sahih Al-Jami 1671
Allah wants 2 accept ur repentance,but those who follow their lusts,want u(believrs) 2 deviate vry far away from d right path
>>Quran 4:27
Giv Glad News 2 patient ones,who, whn afflictd wth calamity, say:
“Truly! To Allah we belong & truly to Him we shall return”
>>Quran 2:156
Be afraid from the curse of the oppressd, as there is No screen between his invocation & Allah
>>Bukhari 3:43:628
If any1 does WUDU well & thn visit his Sick Muslm brthr, seekng Allah’s rwrd,he wl b removd a distnce of 60 yrs frm Jahannum
-Dawud 20:3091
Whn Quran is recitd:
-Disbelievrs wonder at it & laugh & don’t weep
(Quran 53:59-60)
-Believr, falls down in Sujood & weeps
(Quran 17:109)
Whoevr says ‘I hv nothng 2 do wth Islam’
& is lying, he is as he said
& if he is telling truth, he wl nvr come back 2 Islam
>>Nasaa’i 3712
Allah accepts repentance (Tawbah) from a slave so long as death has not yet reached his throat
>>Ahmed 2/132,153
Repent b4 Death reaches u
Remembrance of Allah is
-Best & most holy deeds b4 Allah
-bettr than disbursmnt of gold & money or battle wth enemy
>>Sahih Ibn Majah 2/316
Muhammad(s) glorified Allah
i.e made Tasbih
(i.e. SubhanAllah, Alhumdulillah, AllahuAkbar) wth his RIGHT hand
>>Tirmidhi 5/521
Excellence of gaining Knowledge:
“Allah wl raise in status those of u who believe & those who hv been granted knowledge”
>>Qur’an (58):11
“Your being alone on the path 2 what u seek,is a proof of ur sincerity in seeking that thing.”
-‘Uluww al-Himmah p.42
He who hs Pride in his heart even equal to weight of a mustard seed shall not enter Jannah
>>Muslim 1:166
Let those who oppose Messngr’s ordr(Sunnah etc) beware, lest some trials befall them or a painful torment b inflicted on them
>>Quran 24:63
Good news of forgievness & a generous reward (i.e. Paradise) for those who follow the Quran & fear Ar-Rahman (Allah) unseen
>>Quran 36:11
Do not weaken & do not grieve, & you will be superior if you are true believers.
>>Quran 3:139
Repel Evil with 1 whch is better:
then verily! he, between whom & u there was enmity,
wl become as though he was a close frnd
>>Quran 41:34
“Beware of trivial sins, for they will accumulate until they destroy a man.”
>>Ahmad (37/467)
Trivial=of vry little importnce
If any1 tells u dat Muhammad has seen d Ghaib,he is a LIAR,for Allah says:”None has ‘ilm e Ghaib’ but Allah”
>>Bukhari 9:93:477
Allah accepts only d Repentance of those who do evil in IGNORANCE & foolishnss & REPENT soon aftrwrds; Allah wl forgive them.
>Quran (4):17
Propht(s) said abt a man who slept d night til Morning(aftr sunrise):”He is a man in whose ears(or ear) Satan had urinated”
[Bukhari 4:492]
And never say of anything,”Indeed, I will do that 2morrow”,except (when adding), “If Allah wills” i.e; Insha’Allah [Quran 18:23-24] “..Short is d enjoyment of dis world: Hereafter is d best 4 dose who do right & nevr wl u b dealt wid unjustly in d vry least”(Quran 4:77) Woe! 2 d worshipers who r neglectful of their prayers.
Aise namaziyon par laanat hai jo namaz ke taraf se ghafil rahte hai!
[Quran 107:4-5]
A person was granted paradise bcz he removed d branches of a fallen tree 4m a path,thinking dat it may harm d Muslims. [Muslim 32:6341] If anyone learns by heart the first ten verses of the Surah al-Kahf, he will be protected from the Dajjal.
[Muslim 4:1766]
Allah hs cursed those women who lengthens hair artificially (like using wigs) & dat who gts her hair lengthened artificially.[Bukhari 7:825]
Allah has cursed those women who practise tattooing or get it done 4 themselves,& those who remove hair 4m their faces. [Bukhari 7:72:826] whnevr u ask Allah 4 sumthng,u shud b firm in askng&shudnt say”If u wish gv me..” 4 none can compel Allah 2do smthng against His wl.[B9:556] But the generations who succeeded them missed the Salaah & started followng their lusts;so they will soon face destruction.[Quran 19:59]
O u who believe!there r indeed amng d scholars/priest & monks,who in Falsehood devour d sbstnce of men & hinder thm 4m d way of Allah[Q9:34] Nor defame nor b sarcastic 2 each other,nor call each other by offensive nicknames[Q 49:11]
Ppl 2day gv nicknames 2 many!Quran forbids it!
He who does gud thngs in public 2 show off & win d praise of d people,Allah wl disclose his real intention & humiliate him.[B 8:76:506]
He who lets d people hear of his gud deeds intntionaly,2 win their praise,Allah wl let d ppl know his real intntion on Aakhirat[B 8:76:506] “..the prayer of those without Faith is nothing but (futile wandering) in (mazes of) error! [Q 40:50]
True Faith in Allah is vry important!
D 1st thing about whch d people wl b calld 2 account out of their actions on d Day of Judgmnt is PRAYER[Dawud 3:863]
Still people dnt PRAY!
Hypocrits of 2day r worse thn those of d lifetime of Propht,as they usd 2 do evil deeds secretly bt 2day dey do such deeds openly[B9:88:229] Say:”Call on those-besides Allah-whom ye fancy:They hv neithr d power 2 remove ur troubls 4rm u nor 2 chnge them”[Q17:56]
Pray nly 2 Allah!
O my Lord! make me one who establishes regular Prayer,& also (raise such)among my offspring O our Lord! & accept Thou my Prayer.[Q 14:40]
“…Allah may test u in what He has given u; so compete/race forward in good deeds.”[Qur’an 5:48] Prophet(s) said: “By Allah! I ask 4 forgiveness from Allah and turn to Him in repentance more than seventy times a day.” [Bukhari 8:75:319] Never Despair (Give up hope) of Allah’s Mercy.
Certainly No one Despairs of Allah’s Mercy except the People who Disbelieve.
>>Quran (12):87
Command ur children to pray when they become 7 years old & beat them for prayer when they become 10 years old
>>Dawud 2:495
Whoevr earns a fault or a sin & thn throws it on 2 sumone innocent,he has indeed burdend himslf wth falsehud & a manifest sin
>>Quran 4:112
“He who makes du’a for his brother in his absence,
the Angel who carry the du’a to Allah says: Aamen & it is for u also”
>>Muslim 35:6589
Muhammad(s) said:
He who blesses me (sends durood) once, Allah (SWT) would bless him 10 times.
>>Muslim 4:808
“There has succeeded thm a posterity who hv givn up As-Salat (Prayers) & hv followd lusts. So they wl be thrown in Jahannum”
>>Quran 19:59
Punishment for a Liar whose lies spread all ovr the world by othr ppl:
-His Cheek will be torn away from Mouth to ear!
>>Bukhari 8:73:118
Do they see not that they are tried once or twice in every year?
Yet, they turn not in repentance, nor do they learn a lesson
>>Quran 9:126
If a person learns/understands one ayah of the Holy Quran, it is better than offering 100 Rakahs of Salaah
>>Ibn Majah 16:219
Muhammad (saw) forbade:
-Wine (khamr)
-Game of chance (maysir)
-DRUM (kubah) &
-Wine made from millet (ghubayrah)
>>Sunan Abu Dawud 26:3677
In mosque,these r Haraam:
-Announcing aloud abt lost thng
-Recitng poem
-Sittng in circle on Friday b4 prayr
>>Dawud 3:1074
Any woman who puts on perfume & passes by people so that they can smell her fragrance, is an adulteress.
>>al-Tirmidhi, 2783
Women who r clothed yet naked,who go astray & lead othrs astray wth their hair like humps wl NOT enter Jannah
>>Muslim 40:6840
A man who gives judgment for people when he is ignorant will go to Jahannum.
>>Dawud 24:3566
If a Muslim plants a Plant and a human or an animal eats of it,he will be rewarded as if he had givn that much in charity
>>Bukhari 8:73:41
If a Non-Muslim accepts Islam, he wl be safe from Allah’s punishmnt & Allah wl bestow on him a Double Reward
>>Muslim 19:4380
All sins of my followers wl b forgivn excpt those who commit a sin Openly or disclose their sins to people
>>Bukhari 8:73:95
Nabi(s) said-
Belivng in Tiyarah (Superstition like Crossng of blck cat, Hooting of Owl 2 b Bad luck etc) is a Gr8 Sin in Islam
>Dawud 3910
The Prophet(s) said, “Straighten your rows (while praying in congregation) or Allah will Alter(change) your faces”
>>Sahih Bukhari 1:11:685
Evry Sahaba used 2 put his Shoulder wth the Shouldr of his companion & his Foot wth the Foot of his companion while prayng
>>Bukhari 11:692
Of No effect is the Repentance of those who continue to do Evil deeds until death faces one of thm & he says “Now I repent”
>>Qur’an (4):18
Muhammad(s) said:
Give currency to one anothr by saying As-salamu Alaikum.
>>Muslim 1:96
This wil foster love amongst u & make you a belivr
Whoevr does evil, or wrongs his own soul, but aftrward seeks Allah’s forgiveness, wl find Allah is Forgiving, Compassionate.
>>Qur’an 4:110
Whoevr lets Superstition Stop him from doing sumthng,has committd an act of Shirk
>Ahmad 7045
Allah wl not 4gve d Sin of Shirk
>Quran 4:48
Allah says that He wil Test our Belief in Him, like He test those Before us & wil know whethr our Belief is True or False.
>>Quran (29):3
“Avoid suspicion,for in many cases it is a sin. Dont spy on one anothr,dont backbite,dont speak ill of othrs behind their back”
Quran 49:12
Woe unto those performers of Salat (prayers),
who DELAY their Salat from their stated fixed times
> Qur’an (107):4&5
Prophet(s) said,”I Guarantee a House in the surroundings of Paradise for a man who avoids Quarrelling even if he was right”
>Dawud 41:4782
Allah Forgivs Again & Again 2 those who Repent,Believe(in Tawhid & Associates None in Worshp wth Him) & does Righteous deeds
>Quran (2):82
There is an Hour on Friday in whch a Muslim gets whatevr he asks from Allah
-Seek it in LAST Hour Aftr aftrnoon prayr
>>Dawud 1043
For those who Repent & Believe & do Righteous deeds, Allah wl change their SINS into Gud Deeds & Allah is Oft-Forgvng,Mercful
>>Quran 25:70
If U avoid the major sins which U r forbidden 2 do, We wl remove 4rm U ur lesser sins & admit U 2 a noble entrance (paradise)
[Qur’an 4:31]
The rights of a Muslim on the Muslims r to follow the funeral processions,to accept invitation & to reply the sneezer.
[Bukhari 2:23:332]
Prophet(s) said- “Everything that causes intoxication is forbidden” [Sahih Muslim:Book 23:Hadith 4957]
Cigarettes also cause intoxication!
None of u shud point out towards his Muslim brother wth a weapon,4 Satan may tempt him to hit him & thus he wud fall in2 d Fire[B 9:88:193] Propht(s):If u want 2 put on ur shoes,put on the right shoe first;and if u want 2 take them off,take the left one first. [Bukhari 7:72:747] Prophet(s):”Do not abuse the dead, for they have reached the result of what they have done.”
[Bukhari 8:76:523]
Rabbana afrigh Aalayna sabran watawaffana muslimeen
Our Lord! pour out on us patience and cause us to die as Muslims.[Qur’an 7:126]
Prpht(s):The Hour wl not b establishd till there appear about 30 liars,all of whom wl be claiming 2 b messengers of Allah[Bukhari 4:56:806] Muhammad(s):It is enough falsehood for a man to relate everything he hears.[Dawud 41:4974]
Avoid spreadng any NEWS & msg without verifying.
Do u enjoin right conduct on the people & forget to practise it yourselvs & yet u study the Scripture? Will u not understand?
[Qur’an 2:44]
Whosoever has “Taqwa”(fears Allah and keeps his duty to Him), Allah will make his path/affairs easy for him.
[Qur’an Surah At-Talaq(65):4]
“And those who strive in Our cause- We will certainly guide them 2 our Paths: For verily Allah is with those who do right.” [Qur’an 29:69]
There is punishmnt in d grave.
Muhammad(s) sought refuge with Allah 4rm d punishmnt of the grave in evry prayr he prayed.[Bukhari 2:23:454]
“Our Lord! Let not our hearts deviate 4m the truth aftr
U hv guided us, and grant us mercy from U. Truly, U are the Bestower.”[Qur’an 3:8]
-Dont Greet Jews & Chrstians b4 they greet u
-Whn they Greet u wth Assalaamu Alaikum
U shud say:Wa Alaikum (and upon u)
>Muslim 5381 & 5389
Prophet:He who makes a hypocritical display of his deeds, Allah wl make a display of him. [Muslim 42:7116]
We shud not do deeds 2 show off!
“If u avoid the serious wrong actions u hv been forbidden,We will erase ur bad actions 4m u and admit u by a Gate of Honour.” [Qur’an 4:31] “La hawla wa laa quwwata illa billah
(There is neithr Might nor Powr Excpt wth Allah)
is one of the Treasures of Jannah”
>>Bukhari 8:75:393
Spend of that with which We have provided for you,
b4 a Day comes when there wl be No bargaining,friendshp,nor intercession
>>Qur’an 2:254
The Salaah of whoevr approachs a fortune-teller & asks him abt anythng wl not b aceptd for 40 days&nights.[Muslim 5540]
Dn’t read Horoscope
Twice will they be given their reward 4 dat they hv persevered,avert evil wth gud & spend in Charity out of what gvn 2 them. [Qur’an 28:54]
They who hoard up gold & silver & spend them not in d way of Allah; announce 2 them a painful torment
[Quran 9:34]
Turn not ur face away 4m men wth pride, nor walk in insolence through d earth. Verily, Allah likes not each arrogant boaster [Qur’an 31:18] Who is d Best of men?
Prophet(s) replied: A man who fights in d way of Allah spending his wealth & staking his life.
[Sahih Muslim 20:4652]
Prophet(s):”Allah is self-respecting & d respct of Allah is injured if a believr does what Allah has forbidden him 2 do.”
[Muslim 37:6649]
Prophet(s):”The person who keeps telling lies and endeavours to tell a lie is recorded as a liar with Allah [Muslim 32:6309] “There is no Wudu (ablution) 4 one who does not mention Allah’s Name upon it.” (i.e. say Bismillah, before starting wudhu)[Abu Dawud 1:101]
Propht(s):”If anyone 4gets a prayr he shud pray dat prayr whn he remmbrs it.There is no expiation except 2 pray d same” [Bukhari 1:10:571] “O my people! This life of d present is nothing but (temporary) convenience: It is d Hereafter that is d Home that will last.”[Quran 40:39] Whn a courteous greetng is offrd 2 u,meet it wth a greetng still more courteous or atleast of equal courtsy.Allah keeps acount of it[Q4:86]
“If u r grateful 2 Allah,He wl add more favours unto u, but if u show ingratitude, truly Allah’s punishmnt is terrible indeed.”[Quran 14:7] Prophet(s):None of u shud eat wth his left hand & drink wth that.Dont take up anythng wth left hand & dont gv anythng wth dat.[Muslim 5010] The Prophet said, “Angels do not enter a house in which there is a dog or there are pictures.”
[Bukhari 7:72:833]
Use ur property, ur persons and ur tongues in striving against the polytheist(believing in more than 1 god). [Dawud 14:2498] Propht(s) nvr tuk revenge ovr anybody 4 his ownself bt if sum1 crossd Allah’s limits then he tuk revnge nly 4 Allah’s sake[Bukhari 8:82:836] “But whoever turns away from the Qur’an, he will have a hard life, & We wil raise him up blind on the Day of Judgment.”
[Qur’an 20:124]
Wht sort of deeds or wht qualities of Islam r gud?
Prophet(s):To feed d poor & greet those whom u know & those whom u don’t know.[B 1:2:27]
Dua at d time of distres:La ilaha illal-lahu al-‘Azim, al-Halim,La ilaha illal-lahu Rabbu-s-samawati wal-ard wa Rabbu-l-arsh il-azim[B8:356] Du’aa of any persn is grantd by Allah if he doesn’t show IMPATIENCE by sayng,”I invokd Allah bt my REQUEST wasn’t grantd”
>Bukhari 8:75:352
Propht(saw):Dont exaggerate in praising me as d Christians praisd Jesus,4 I am nly a slave.So call me,d slave of Allah &His Apostle[B4:654] And Verily we shall try u till we know those of u who strive hard 4 d cause of Allah & the steadfast,& till we test ur record.[Quran 47:31] O prpht!Tell ur wives,daughtrs&belivng women 2 draw their veils ovr their body,dat wl b bettr,dat dey b known as sch & not molested [Q33:59]
If any1 of u yawns,he shud check his yawning as much as posible 4 if any1 of u durng yawning shud say:”Haa”, Satan wl laugh at him.[B4:509] Whn d so calld Muslms stand up 2 prayer, they stand without earnestness,2 b seen of men,but little do they hold Allah in remembrance[Q4:142] Prophet(s):”The truest poetic verse ever said by a poet, is: Indeed! Everything except Allah,is perishable.” [Bukhari 8:76:496]
O ye who believe!Let not some men among you laugh at others:It may be that the (latter) are better than the (former)[Q 49:11] Think Muslims! O u who believe!Why do u say dat whch u do not do?Most HATEFUL it is wth ALLAH dat u say dat,whch u do not do[Q 61:2-3] Prophet(s):”The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it.” [Bukhari 6:61:545]
Whnevr d Propht(s) woke up 4m his sleep he wud say:”Al-hamdu lil-lahil-ladhi ahyana ba’da ma amatana; wa ilaihi an-nushur”[Bukhari 8:75:336] Whenevr d Prophet lay on his bed,he used 2 say:”Allahumma bismika amutu wa ahya”(With Your name,O Allah,I die and I live)[Bukhari 8:75:336] Prophet(saw):”It is BETTER 4 one 2 pray STANDING,& WHOEVER PRAYS SITTING gets HALF the reward of dat who prays STANDING.”
>Bukhari 2:20:217
Prophet(saw):”The worst lie is that a person claims to have seen a dream which he has not seen.”
[Bukhari 9:87:167]
Those on whom u call besides Allah r nly slaves like urslf[Quran7:194] [Always Talk Clearly]
Prophet (pbuh) used 2 talk so clearly dat if somebody wnted 2 count d numbr of his wrds,he cud do so [Bukhari 4:56:768]
As to those who hold fast by the Book & establish regular prayer,nvr shall Allah suffer the reward of the righteous to perish.[Quran 7:170] The sinners will be asked:
“What led you into Hell Fire?”
They will say:”We were not of those who prayed;”
[Q 74:41-43]
Dont worshp besides Allah dat whch cn not hlp or harm u [Quran21:66]

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