Even though Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world today, it also happens to be the most misunderstood. Islamic Treasure dispels some of the commonly associated myths with the religion of Islam.

Allah, Exalted be He, says in the Holy Qur’an in Chapter 2 verse 42:

Confound not truth with falsehood, nor knowingly conceal the truth

Amidst the onslaught of media misinformation, this section expounds upon some common misnomers about the Islamic faith.

Is Allaah a different God? Do Muslims worship Muhammad? Is Islam for Arabs only? the answer NO!! These are just some of many misconceptions about Islam that you may learn about in this article.

Many non-Muslims, when they think about Islam, picture religious fanatics on camels with a sword in one hand and a Qur’an in the other. This myth, which was made popular in Europe during the Crusades, is totally baseless.


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