an-Naseehah Newsletter

The newsletter “an-Naseehah” is one of the projects of bi’idhnillaahi ta’ala.

It is an attempt to reach out to the people of all age groups with Islam, free from all innovations and deviations. An attempt to clarify, ‘the Right Manhaj (way)’ based upon the way of the Salafus-Saalih (pious predecessors) towards major aspects of our religion: ‘Aqeedah, Ibadah, Da’wah and other fields of Islamic learning, by connecting the Muslims with the scholars of Islam, both past and present through their works.

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Salafiyyah Seminars in 16 Cities of India

The central theme of the Tour is one, which is of GREAT IMPORTANCE to those, who take pride in ascribing themselves to the way of Salaf. To KNOW and STUDY some important aspects of Salafiyyah, in detail

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