This section is in reply to one of the “saffron Brigade” –

These Arya Samaji’s started an anti-islamic website and mislead people by writing ignorant articles against Islam & Christianity.

We here at Islamic Treasure along with many of our partner websites, see the need of giving a logical and authentic reply to their ignorant articles to the best of our capabilities.

Note: Whenever we use the words ‘Hindutvadis’, ‘Aryan-Brahmanist’, ‘Arya Samajis’ etc, we are only referring to those people who are actively involved in the activities of these extremist organizations & not any community in general.

Rather than generating sterile debates, the information presented here should help you clarify your own stand toward comparative religion and develop a critical ability to analyze today’s spiritual market.

Suggestions, comments and critiques are strongly encouraged, with the hope that they will improve the content of this site. Please make them as specific and clear as possible.




  1. agniveer claims vasudeva kudumbagam.just see how frantic he goes on hiring people while he is hired.the hired is not able to do his work of explaining the vedas.he is not able to either appreciate when zakir so decently does all his contents he reveals himself so stupid so the name of unity utter of answering this shaithan in the disguise WE MUSLIMS SHD JUST IGNORE HIM.muslim women wear purdah.ok.why agni VEER is wearing one? cant he stand in front of zakir and ask ? idont know where to comment on his purdah website so i do here. this wd b the first and last comment on the shaithan dushman of islam. we have noble things to sudrega nahi iske sath sir maarna hai bekaar . allah is enough to take care of shaithan afterall he says he has an appointed time for the likes of him.let him buk buk till then.

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  2. Islam is truth and the truth needs no satisfaction of any mind particularly a distorted mind due to exess use of guv mootra.where was agniveer yet when they saw that modern educated indians feel ashamed infront of world by worshipng stones and drinking guv mutra,they turned to vedas .if Agniveer team is sincere why dont they stop idol worship which is opposite to vedas and which hindus have kept in every street like dustbins.why they removed the verse of yajurveda and my comment.let them say what they say in frustation as there hearts are filled with the garbage of hatred and jealousy .i know how to deal with them .I am enough to deal with such pigbeings.

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