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While majority of us are busy in caviling at each other and getting more enthusiastic into sectarian debates, whether it be Barelvi-Deobandi debate or Barelvi-Wahabi debate; we spare no effort in defeating our opponents and most of our time, money and energy is going in vain in unfruitful discussions and activities.

We love to discuss about the trivial matters like ‘Do you do Fatiha?’, ‘Do you go to Peers?’, ‘Are you Wahabbi?’, ‘What do you think about Dr. Zakir Naik – is he right or wrong?’. And Muslims roll-up their sleeves to debate and try to prove their group’s ideology to be correct and others’ is wrong. Some are more focused on proving fellow Muslims as Kaafir and calling them for Mubahila, while others declaring those who do not conform to their madhhab to be Kaafir.

The example of Muslim Ummah is like; the house is on fire and members of the family arguing to change the TV channel.

In majority of the African Muslim nations, where people were dying of hunger and drought; Christian Missionaries took that as a chance to catch the fish and had them converted to Christianity by alluring them food supplies and other basic amenities. Some Muslim NGOs realized that it was due to lack of food supplies and money, African Muslims are getting converted to Christianity. They made Arabs realize the difficulties their brothers are going through in African continent. Bond by emotions and ‘Fee-Sabilillah – in the cause of Allah’ attitude, Arabs voluntarily gave out tons of money. The money was utilized for feeding the poor and needy in African continent but then again the African Muslims are getting converted to Christianity. So, the Muslim NGOs barked the wrong tree; along with food supplies and other amenities; they needed proper Islamic education, which is more needed for them to firmly stand against all the false ideologies and systems.

Local Urdu news-papers of Hyderabad – India is full with upsetting news articles and it becomes more disappointing to see, women of Muslim community going to Shamans and Gypsies who allure them of solving their problems. Many Babas, Pujaris and exorcists run their businesses smoothly by goofing up tricks and fooling the masses.


Recently, a local media team stealthily observed a gypsy who runs her business of selling exotic herbs in Hyderabad – India; a man came to her and discussed his problems, she took out an injection and injected something in his vein and the man gave her 1000 bucks and went away. The team followed him and asked him, what exactly she injected in his veins; however man refused to disclose anything but said she injects pig’s hair which solves all your problems. A member of the team went up to gypsy and faked-up a story, she asked him to get Pig’s hair injected in his veins; and she took out the same injection, which she was used for the previous customer. Instantly, he asked her, why don’t you solve your own problems and live a luxurious life. She got furious and started yelling at him and attracted public attention. Anyway, after an hour or so, a Muslim burqa clad lady came up there and discussed her problems with gypsy; as a medicine for all ills, she again took out the same injection and injected Pig’s hair into her veins. The team was very curious to know, why Muslim woman is so compelled to get a forbidden thing injected into her veins; later it was known that she could not conceive baby and her in-laws taunt her lot, which forcefully compelled her to see a gypsy and get a haraam thing injected in her blood. When they started educating her about the harms of using the dirtiest thing in her blood, she reluctantly listened to them and went away.

A Muslim Burqa clad women discussing her problem with a gypsy.

I felt again, where are we putting our efforts?

I recalled a hadith of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) in which he said “The hour will not come, until tribes of my Ummah will join the Mushrikin, and until some tribes of my Ummah will worship Idols.” (Tirmidhie). This prophesy of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) has come true; some of the Muslim women of Maharastra were seen worshipping Hindu deities.

Muslim burqa clad women in Maharastra worshiping Hindu deities.

Again, where are we putting our efforts?

Since we have inherited Islam, so we don’t prize it; majority of our homes are full-time cinema houses. Our Mullahs have taught us, ‘don’t watch Peace-TV’, don’t listen to such and such scholar, he is misguided, he belongs to Deobandi sect, he belongs to Wahabi sect, he belongs to Barelvi sect. But we get no objection while our kids watch ‘Chota-Bheem’ on Pogo channel, which shows Arabs/Muslims in bad light. We don’t have any objection, when our women watch filthy family-dispute dramas and movies. We have no objection, while they watch and learn others haraam traditions and are so much obsessed to adopt it instantly. Let’s ask ourselves, where are we putting our efforts? Our Ummah needs education, not sectarian debates.

JazakAllah Khairan..



Author: Islamic Treasure

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  1. I am sure the intention of the brothers, whom forwarded this mail is to bring awareness among the our Ummah . What I wish to highlight here is that we need to think before we act and we should ascertain that whether this email will does produce intended result – Let me elaborate and justify myself
    2. “Muslim burqa clad women (probably in Maharashtra) worshiping Hindu deities” – Do you think that this is true ? The author himself is not sure where it happened -(probably in Maharashtra ) – Should we propagate such a image ? . Another disadvantage of such a propagation that the other party whom the images belong to may use this as their propagation at your cost – We should be the promoters of truth not falsehood !.. As my understanding goes idol worship is not a major problem in our Ummah – prop ably may be grave worship is – maybe I am wrong. Even though it is a problem this is not way it should be dealt with. – We should deal it one – one basis with the parties concerned
    3. “ A Muslim Burqa clad women discussing her problem with a gypsy”. This is again based on a media report – No further reference in it. Again do you think that it is true ? Media reporters are news hungry – they capture whatever possible and fill up their newspaper. Lets for argument sake agree that it is true – by spreading the news we are encouraging other people whose eman is weak like the lady and who is facing the same problem to go in search of the Gypsy – So we are in turn giving advertisement to the Gypsy – which is actually not our intention – This again should be dealt one – to one as above
    4. I totally agree that sectarian debates and the TV (“Idiot Box”) are really problems of our ummah , which needs to be addressed in a focused manner giving top priority . Now like this we getting the problems dissolved and losing the focus

    To conclude, I request that one should give a little thought process of your intention of forwarding any mail to others – if you are in doubt – it is better you keep it in your inbox – so that you will be not be part of the Fitnah, which follows it

    Appreciate your understanding in this regard. Let’s pray to Allah to guide us in the right path

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  2. @Nawaz Dawood: dear brother, I do not agree with your comment at all. Munkar should be condemned, and shown to wake up people about these shocking practices. I am from Europe, and I am really proofoundly shocked about these pictures, especially the one with the Hindu idols. These pictures should wake up people who have Iman to be aware of teh weakness of Iman in some of our folds,even if this is an extreme case. extreme cases are indicators that should be taken seriously and should therefore require action: in this case, action is Daawa to Allah, and his Prophet’s (saw) religion, the key messages (not the details that create division and fruitless debates). This extreme case shows us that very basic daawa is needed to enlighten our own brothers and sisters, and make sure we do not fail in our most fundamental mission: explaining Islam and showing its virtues.Wassalamu aleikom

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  3. Salam-walaikum,
    This situation is because we muslims have followed the way of the non-muslims! wonder how?
    the answer is non-muslim brothers have a pattern in their society they have a priest and a temple or a father and a church like wise we muslims have a mosque and an imam (dont get angry, think). if you are a muslim then think what are these imams doing they prey 5 times in the mosque and get a salary for that so their lively hood is dependent on this job (imamat) that they do so they tend to bend for the society and go with this worldly orders rather than heavenly orders (koran) .

    secondly they wanted to create a group of people who would blindly follow them without questioning any thing that they do ,so came the 4 sects of muslims hanafi’s shafi’s hambali’s malaki’s a point to note is that these imams hanafi or shafi or hambali or malaki might not have had any intention to break the ummah but what has happened today muslims are clearly divided by these 4 sects but allah in the koran has named us as muslims inspite of this we are divided and the shocking truth is that these imams know this ayath in the koran and what it says but still they do what they have been doing all these years that is why they say that dont listen to zakir naik etc… when such self thinking people speak the truth. the argument they say about to justify the lie which they are uttering is that they are scholars and they are affluent in arabic point to note here is that this is how ABU-JAHIL (father of the fools) used to say when muhammad PBUH proclaimed the truth.

    So we are living in a time where muslims are divided and there is no khalifa for the muslim ummah all we have is muslim kings in arab world who claim that they are implementing the koran but there is any truth in what they say they have to know that muhammad pbuh did not recommend the way of the ruling of a king but he has clearly shown the way of khalifa.

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  4. Asalam o Aleekum
    This seen very painful. The Muslim scholar is not own duty properly. This is completely responsiblities of there. There are not any program for the Muslim. We should prepared a strong muslim Scholar for escape of this type activities.

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