Zakah of Knowledge

Shaykh Bakr ibn ‘Abdillaah Abu Zayd – رحمه الله – stated:

زكاة العلم:

أد (زكاة العلم) : صادعاً بالحق، أماراً بالمعروف، نهاء عن المنكر موازنا بين المصالح والمضار، ناشراً للعلم، وحب النفع وبذل الجاه، والشفاعة الحسنة للمسلمين في نوائب الحق والمعروف.

“One must always pay the “zakah” of knowledge. Stand up for the truth, always command the good and forbid the evil. Weigh between the benefits and harms of every decision. Work to spread knowledge with a love for bringing benefit, and intercede on behalf of any Muslim who needs assistance in having his needs fulfilled.”

[Source: “Hilyah Taalib al-‘Ilm” of Shaykh Bakr ibn ‘Abdillaah Abu Zayd, page 61]

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