Qur’an Gave Me Confidence – Hamza Shinde

Asalaamalaikum! Bismilaah!

By birth or rather after Birth I am a Hindu by name! Since my childhood I was seeking to gain wisdom! So I made a notebook, in which I used to note down every single thought said by great leaders I used to come across and used to read it back whenever I used to get time! I used to get very less people around or almost none who used to speak about wisdom with me. When I used to speak to my father, he would speak very less about it and would tell me to concentrate on my studies; as he feared that his only son would move towards Sufism, if he gained the understanding of the value of this worldly life. I was kind of hungry for wisdom! Many questions were unanswered or were answered in a way which would create confusion and would not lead me to a path of proper understanding.

When I entered Engineering College; at the starting day, during the introduction of every student, a Muslim stood up and gave his introduction in which he spoke about his hobby of gaining wisdom and knowledge, praying, etc. to which almost everyone laughed. He was booed. There were 2-3 more Muslims in our class, but none of them spoke like him. The next day I met him. His name is Khizer Shaikh! I said to him that it was nice to see such kind of people in this world. Our discussion about wisdom, started with the sentence, “God is one”; to which both of us agreed. We started sitting together in the class on the same bench. Both of us discussed about each other’s religion and also the right path. I had no idea about Islam. I used to think that every religion present on this earth are created by humans. Initially, I used to hate Muslims. But day after day when we started discussing more, I started to know about Islam. My righteous friend took me to a program, which was the introduction about Islam! He was sitting beside me in the front seats, until the program started. Later, I was greatly impressed to see him going on stage and saying the verses from THE QURAN after which the speech of the scholars started. A few days later, I expressed my wish to read THE QURAN. To which, he gifted me THE QURAN in a couple of days.

Hamza Shinde (Left); Khizer Shaikh (Right)

I started to read it slowly. The more I read it and the more I discussed and the more I saw around me, things started to make sense to me. And I liked THE QURAN very much! The best part of THE QURAN I liked is, the way you guard your character! Since from childhood I could see unmarried and even married(my friends and seniors) people around me staring at the girls around. I felt guilty for the same. My friends teased me saying that I was gay! But I even hated the thought of being gay! QURAN gave me confidence and also told me what to do. LOWER MY GAZE without a second thought.

For now; I have deleted all the songs from my mp3 player and instead I have started to put speeches of Islamic scholars. Today I will be getting the Quran mp3s in my mp3 player from my friend! I have finished reading THE QURAN once and going through its detailed explanation now. I have now gifted THE QURAN to few of my close friends who seeked wisdom. I even remind my other Muslim friends about the unrighteous acts they are committing. I keep debating with my friends on few topics that we come to while discussing with each other. Still I am living as a Hindu in the society; as I am still a student I won’t be able to take this step immediately. Tough I take care that I fast for at least 30 days in a year. One odd times I have also gone to listen the discussion by wise Muslims on a topic. I pray to ALLAH whenever I can! And do go to the Masjid with my friend whenever we are together and it is time for the prayer. I don’t fear death any more. I fear only Allah!

I used to think that the problems we are facing in the life are a part of our life; but now I have understood that a person will not unnecessarily face these problems if he walks on the straight path shown by THE ALLAH to us. It gets easier to see the difference between a rigidly righteous man and a normal person; when we live in a society, where the normal person faces and gets into many complications; and still he thinks that it is all ONLY a matter of control over the mind and he won’t get into the bad things. I now understand the great importance of the Purdah! I understand that the fear of ALLAH and proper knowledge is enough for the smooth functioning of the society. In my future life I wish to live a simple life with active involvement in the improvement of the society and charity work.

Now I use my time on things that hold some value. I have understood that this life in not mere enjoyment. The real life exists after the judgment day.

I thank ALLAH and my friend Khizer for showing me the path towards light. Praise be to ALLAH!

Hamza Shinde

Author: Islamic Treasure

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  1. Lah ilaha illalah mahumad ur rasool Allah!

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  2. nice article but faith shouldn’t be kept hidden.Shadat(testimony;i.e the verbal affirmation of the oneness of Allaah and the finality of His prophet(saw) is one of the three components of Eemaan(faith) and if it’s missing then Eemaan isn’t complete.I pray that brother Hamza Shinde takes shadaah soon.Ameen.

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    • Brother Nad,
      Brother Hamza Shinde has already proclaimed the Shahadah. Kindly see the first comment. He has just hidden his reverting fact from his parents/society.

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  3. Mashallah! May you soon find a true muslimah.

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