Important Principles of Salafiyyah for every Salafi to Know

By ash-Shaykh Ahmad ibn Umar Bazmool (Hafidhahullaah)

Note: This is just a small excerpt of the main lecture, delivered by the Shaykh.

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‘From the important matters, that will inshaa Allaah relieve the salafi from a lot of problems, is in knowing an important principle, an important matter. And that is knowing the difference between declaring someone to be an innovator, and warning from someone. And to know when each is used.

Knowing this principle brings the salafi out of a lot of problems, because sometimes when you warn from an individual, it will be said: ‘You are declaring him to be an innovator?!’ and the entire dunyah will rise up against you, and he will differ and argue with you.

So the Ulamah Rahimahullaahu ta’ala and the Salafus Salih (May Allaah be pleased with them), and those who traversed upon their path until this time of ours, they differentiated between declaring someone an innovator and warning from him.

Declaring someone an innovator, is a ruling upon him in that he fell into bid’ah and warning from him. As for warning, then it is not a ruling upon him that he fell into a bid’ah, but that he is in an area of opposition after advice has been given to him. Meaning that he opposed the manhaj (of the salaf) in some issues.

Either he is in some confusion about it, or it may be that he has made a mistake in it, and that he is persisting in this mistake of his. In beginning stages, at that time they will warn from this individual. They might say: ‘Be careful from so and so from the people, he is not to be surrounded with (stay away from him)’ and he is warned against until he repents and returns (to that which is correct). And until we hear the detailed statement of the scholars concerning him. what is the dangerous issue here? The dangerous issue here is from a number of angles.

The first angle, is the differing between the salafi youth in walaa’ and baraa’ to this individual. Some of them view that you declare him to be an innovator, and that you insulted him, and division will occur. This is one issue, a dangerous issue.

The second issue, is that some of the you, and they are the other angle, believe that this individual is still in a stage where he is to be benefited fromNo! for verily this individual in this opposition is in a period where we should stop and stay away from him so that he will not affect us. So if he repents and left this position, returns to the truth, then we can return to him. And if he persists, then the scholars declared him to be an innovator and its likes. Is it clear?

So the one who is warned against should be stayed away from. Especially the students of knowledge who have not had their feet firmly grounded in knowledge. Why is this? Because in this period, the one who is warned against is in between two matters: Either he returns to the truth, then may Allaah reward him with good, or he persists in his falsehood and does not return.

And in this stage, he will spread in the hearts and the thoughts of the youth, principles and evidences that are not clear, and he will instill in them foundations that will make them think he is not an innovator. And viewing him as not having left the manhaj (of the salaf). So when the scholar declares him to be an innovator after this, they will not be pleased with that, because he already planted in their hearts that these words (of the scholars) do not hold true to him. So, do we leave him?

We say yes! Leave him. Stay away. Safety, there is nothing better than it, to be safe in your religion.  Alhamdulillaah, the scholars are available, and the salafi students of knowledge are spread out, and if they are not found, then the salafi books and tapes are available. Allaah did not place the deen on personalities.

The deen and the truth is moving and is not limited to individuals. Know the truth and you will know its people, Is it clear? So this is a very dangerous principle, it is obligatory to take heed of it.

Some of them, when you come to them and say ‘so and so from the people has this and that’, they say: ‘The scholars still have not declared him to be an innovator’ So if the scholars haven’t declared him to be an innovator then he is in a stage in that he will accept the truth or he will reject it. And you might be deceived by him and be trapped in his ropes. So it is obligatory according to the shari’a to stay away from him, and to wait for the statements of the scholars on him.  Is he to be returned to and benefited from or is he to be left?  Is this principle clear? ‘

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