Ignorant Da’wah – Destroying the Ummah

Shaykh Ahmad bin Bazmool (hafidhahullah ta’ala) stated that in reality the weakness of this ummah (Muslim Community) and the humiliation of this ummah is because of the ignorance of the ummah regarding this deen. It is not like some people say that the weakness of the ummah is because it does not have the physical strength or the weakness of the ummah is due to the fact that the disbelievers are conspiring against it. The shaykh says no, the weakness of the ummah is from inside the ummah, that the ummah does not have knowledge of deen. End quote

In contemporary times within the Islamic Ummah we are witnessing the infectious and tumultuous nature of utter ignorance and its impact on the unity and stability of our communities globally.

Unfortunately very little prevents some of the people from frequenting the internet to spread misguidance and ignorance. I have been shown a few “discussions” where people are discussing matters of knowledge with very little ‘ilm to consider it. Sadly this has been propagated by some people who have taken it upon themselves to be Du’aat, calling to Allaah as if they are in the position of ‘Ulemaa, while the true fact is that they are not even students of knowledge, leave apart aquiring ‘ilm under the company of any scholars.

There is a very important point that we must understand and that is, that it is forbidden for anyone who does not have knowledge to talk. That is if he is jaahil ignorant is forbidden to talk in the matters of the deen. And this is something very clear from the Qur’aanic verses in which Allaah says, “Do not talk about those matters which you have no knowledge, verily regarding the hearing, the heart and the talk all of these matters a person will be questioned about.” [Qur’aan 17:36]

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Imaam Hasan al-Basri (rahimahullaah) said:

I saw a people from the Companions of the Messenger of Allaah (sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam) saying:

‘Whoever acts without knowledge, then that which he corrupts and ruins is greater than that which he sets aright. The one who does deeds without ‘ilm (knowledge) is like a traveller without a path, so seek knowledge with such a seeking that does not harm ‘ibaadah (worship) and seek (to perform) ‘ibaadah such that it does not harm ‘ilm.’

And a man from amongst them would seek knowledge until it was readily seen from his khushoo’ (humbleness), his zuhd (asceticism), his speech and sight.” [Siyar A’laam al-Nubalaa’]

Shaykh Aboo Anas ‘Abdul-Khaaliq bin Muhammad al-Wassaabee said in his book, “Mukhaalafat as-Soofiyyah lil Imaam ash-Shaafi’ee” on page 13:

والحمق: قلة العقل، وهو داء خطير، ولذا قال الشاعر:

وكل الداء ملتمس شفاه — وداء الحمق ليس له دواء

((And idiocy is: a small amount of intellect, and it is a dangerous illness. And due to this the poet said:

And every illness solicits a cure — and the illness of idiocy has no medicine))

Shaykh Ahmad bin Bazmool (hafidhahullah ta’ala) stated that Imaam Malik (rahimahullah) mentions in the introduction of Saheeh Imaam Muslim that there was in Madinah a hundred men that were pointed to by the people as being worshippers and being people who were righteous and being people having abstinence from the dunya but no one would take knowledge from them. This statement by Imaam Malik rahimahullah is saying, that it is not enough for a person to be known for worship and being known for having abstinence from the dunya and being known for the outward expression of his worship that you take from him. That these people were know for that and these people pointed to them for that but no one would take their affairs from them because it was not from their affair. Their affair was worshipping and righteousness but their affair was not knowledge.

He said that if we would understand that any of us who would see a brother who has his thobe (the Arabian dress) properly clad and the length of his beard is long we would think that he is a scholar of his time or the mufti of his area and this is a great mistake. End quote.

This is a sad trend we’re seeing amongst the Muslim Ummah. The advent of the internet has given the opportunity for every person who has internet access to spread their opinions, be it misguided or not.

It surprises me that every person who makes a youtube video about the deen is looked at as people who have knowledge. Or that people who debate various issues have become Shuyookh to the ignorant. Or that people who conduct Online Da’wah Training Programs, Seminars, Workshops etc, have become known as Du’aat. Or that if anyone takes the stage to deliver a lecture, have become known as scholars.

Dear brethren in faith, indeed these are really devastating assumptions. It’s upon the Muslim to care for where he/she takes knowledge from. That’s our individual responsibility. Let’s try not to rely on just anyone who takes it upon themselves to speak and consider themselves as scholars. We’ve seen where this leads… almost a decade later you might be the same ahmaq (idiot) hiding out somewhere in the mountains of Yemen urging other people to wage his own war.

Al-Bukhaaree reported (no. 6047) that the Prophet -salallaahu alaihi wa salam- said:

((Whoever calls using false speech to increase (the numbers) with it, then Allaah will not increase him except a little))

Always remember that, the danger of this idiotic and ignorant behavior for those who pioneered it and then introduced it to the younger and less informed laymen from amongst us is that they will bear the burden of its sin and that of those who follow them in it. Even after their demise, while they are in that lonely cold grave, they will continue to earn sin due to the legacy of their introducing and exposing common laymen to doubtful and incomplete ‘ilm.

So, if you are one of those, who fit into the above article, then repent to Allaah and seek His forgiveness.

I ask Allaah to save us from such fitan.

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  1. “Let’s try not to rely on just anyone who takes it upon themselves to speak and consider themselves as scholars. We’ve seen where this leads… almost a decade later you might be the same ahmaq (idiot) hiding out somewhere in the mountains of Yemen urging other people to wage his own war.”

    Can i ask,whom are you pointing in this blessed sentences?

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    • We think it is not befitting enough to name any individual. Take it as a general statement. It is prevalent everywhere nowadays. We ask Allaah to save us from the fitnah of self amazement and lack of knowledge and Ikhlaas.

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