12 Stops With Those Celebrating The Prophet’s Birthday

Regarding Mawlid an-Nabawi, Ibn Al Haj Al Maliky said that: “The most surprising of their celebrations is that, they give parties of songs and  gladness for his birth in that day, while he  moved into  dignity in heavens (his death) , which stands as the worse distress with which the nation has ever been afflicted, so that, and according to the criteria they are following, they should weep and show sorrowful aspects, in stead of  singing and demonstrating joyful times.” [Al Madkhal 2/16]

This small essay “12 Stops With Those Celebrating The Prophet’s Birthday” by Hasan Al-Husaini explains 12 stops (points) about the celebrators of  Prophet’s Birthday, namely is their action of doing that, according to Islam Shariah; a legitimate rightful (Halal) act  or against Shariah (Haram) . In other words does it deserve rewarding or punishment!!. It deals with basic points in a well presented format which clarifies doubts regarding Mawlid an-Nabawi.

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We hope that this resource will be of benefit to those seeking the truth. There might be some grammatical mistakes in the translation, but the overall essence of the topic has been preserved.

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