Revision Test – Arabic Lessons

Below is the Revision test based on the Lessons 1 to 5 which we have covered so far. If you haven’t completed the Lessons, then we urge you to go through the lessons from here:


  • Kindly fill in your Name and the E-mail id and click the NEXT option. (This is only for keeping records, as to who took the test)
  • The Test is Multiple Choice Type, wherein you have to select the correct option out if the options given.
  • Note: You can attempt the Test only once. If due to some unavoidable circumstances like power failure etc, you are unable to complete the test and want the test to be reset for you, then send us an e-mail at
  • After submitting the answers, you will get a Test Review with you Marks, in which the Options marked with Green are the correct answers, while those Marked in Red are the wrong answers you gave.

If you have any doubt as to why your answers were wrong or any other query, then kindly e-mail us at:

[wpsqt_quiz name=”Revision Test : Arabic Lessons”]

Author: Islamic Treasure

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  1. Masha Allah.well done brother !!!

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  2. assalamu alaikum, im sorry for being late to submit my test,.coz i just opened my email earlier,.jazzakamullahu khairan

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  3. Where can I download lesson 1 and 2?

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